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For those warm summer days it’s great to have your refrigerator filled with cold water! The new light sparkling waters from Kildevæld is what I prefer at the moment. It’s perfect to grab on your way out or serve for your dinner guests – best of all there is only 10 calories per 100 ml and no artificial sweeteners, so you don’t have to hold back!


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If you are wondering what I’m dreaming of for Christmas you can check it out on LUELLE, where me and the rest of the team have shown our top five Christmas wishes!

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Sweater/TOMMY HILFIGER, slippers/UGG & scarf/TÔTEME Knitted sweaters, cozy slippers and wrap-around scarves are some of my winter essentials! There is nothing I hate more than freezing, so it’s just about staying warm in layers of warm materials!

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